Why Are My Plumbing Copper Pipes Turning Green?


Copper is one of the toughest and strongest alloys making it the most best option for pipes. Your plumbing copper plumbing pipes can start turning green to bluish-green on the surface if not cared for. This layer is known as Patina. Transformed pipes’ sight is seen in plumbing are made from copper. Let us discuss the motives of this normal but unusual procedure.

copper plumbing pipe turning green

Reason of Copper turning Green:

Ever seen the brownish-red layer on iron bodies called rust? The layer on copper is the same. When this powerful metal comes with water or oxygen, it oxidises and reacts. This layer is only the corroded results of the substance and aluminum is aluminum oxide or aluminum carbonate in Chemistry language that is authentic.

In layman’s words, you can name it aluminum rusting. This is exactly like the colossal Statue of Liberty turning greenish, since it’s also constructed out of copper. This patina is benign in itself it makes the aluminum underneath reactions that are less open for further and more water-proof. This discoloration is evidence that the plumbing maintenance wasn’t done in a suitable manner or might have a moment leak.

Oftentimes, corrosion occurs from the inside of the pipes when water flows in green or blue colour from your faucet and this can be discovered. Internal patina’s cause is same but the result can be very severe.

Effects of Green Copper Pipes:

The patina does not lead to any harm as mentioned, but it indicates that an early indication of holes and leakages when large quantities are observed deposited on the pipes. Drinking or swallowing this water in any way can cause other health complications that are extreme or Alzheimer’s. If used externally, this blue or green water can affect and ruin the texture of your skin and hair and weeks.

This patina is readily removed at home, using several manners, given it is limited to just a few patches. It’s possible to cut a lemon in half and rub it directly on the portion. This may cut-down the bonds of this chemical. You can use salt or ketchup rather than lemon. By dunking the object cleaning the oxidization can be done. All these are the household and level preventions to eliminate this substance that is shiny. But, for a very long term and detailed answer, contact a professional plumber in Toronto, Plumbers R Us Additionally, they’ve all types of plumbing care and house-related providers .

Green copper pipes are a concern and should not be ignored till its too late. Water damage in the home can lead to many other costly and time consuming issues.

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